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We are committed to shaping the future by backing ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs driving innovation in healthcare.


We offer seed & pre-seed investments, follow-on investments, and game-changing partnership opportunities​​.


Connect you with the best VC’s, providers, health systems, and healthcare experts in the world.


Committed to solving community-based problems in healthcare and having healthcare providers pilot and refine the solution​.

"Inflect helped cement our status as an emerging leader in health-tech for senior care."

"Inflect was a critical partner in Seven Starling's 0 to 1 journey."

"Inflect has been an incredible partner to us on multiple levels."

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Our portfolio companies embody innovation, excellence, and audacity, infusing extraordinary products and services with life. Discover the compelling narratives behind the success as we guide them through challenges and help them attain remarkable outcomes.

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