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We connect innovators to capital, physicians, and patients

Introducing Inflect Health

We are a nationwide healthcare innovation and investment hub grown from Vituity, the nationally-recognized multi-specialty partnership with a 50 year track record of transforming care delivery. Owned and led by physicians and healthcare business leaders, we identify, develop, and invest in leading-edge technologies and solutions that make healthcare delivery better.

We bridge the


Joining forces with Inflect Health offers access to frontline providers and experienced healthcare business leaders. We bridge the gap between entrepreneurs, capital, patients, and physicians, acting as the driving force for real-time, real-world innovation and disruption.

Our access is

As part of Vituity, Inflect Health has access to thousands of doctors, clinicians, and key industry stakeholders. This access allows Inflect Health to not only provide investment, but also first-hand development support by connecting innovators to physicians and patients in real-time. This unique approach to investment and support increases the opportunity for success and continues to strengthen Vituity’s history of healthcare transformation.
Patients annually
Practice locations nationwide

We are a


innovation hub

We strive to create an environment where healthcare innovations can flourish and improve lives.

What we do:



We fuel and support startups with early-stage funding, networking, deep industry insights and more to ensure your products and services hit the real-world with the impact you envision.
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In our prototype lab, innovation thrives. When we identify novel concepts or unaddressed gaps lacking satisfactory solutions, we cultivate these ideas to to advance and enhance healthcare.
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We bring forward-thinking providers and industry experts to the table with entrepreneurs and technologists to design solutions that meet real needs, while moving the needle as far as possible.
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What makes us


Discover how we use 50-years of healthcare delivery to inform meaningful innovation.

Physician insight

With thousands of providers seeing patients every day, we know the practice of medicine better than anyone. At Inflect Health, we excel at listening to our providers, hearing their stories, problems, and ideas and bringing that perspective to ensure solutions bring meaningful impact in the real-world.

Patient-focused approach

We prioritize the human element in healthcare innovation. Our focus isn't just on technology but on compassionate transformation for both healthcare providers and patients alike.


Over decades, we have built trusting relationships with patients; health systems, clinics and their staff; regulators; insurance providers; EMRs; first responders; industry influencers and more. The network we built based on quality and trust can be leveraged if we believe a product can make their lives better.

Accelerated innovation

The healthcare sales cycle is infamously long, and filled with potholes. With our expansive network, experience, talented and passionate team, and mission to improve lives - we are here to accelerate important ideas, and we have a track record to prove it.

Access to capital and expertise

Inflect Health is more than just an accelerator; we are a comprehensive resource for startups and entrepreneurs. We provide access to capital, experienced healthcare business leaders, and specialized health industry knowledge.

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